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The Promise and Benefits of Bookkeeping

Ahhh, spring is here! The days are longer and everyone is in a good mood, right? Well, maybe. For many small business owners this time of year is very stressful. That’s because they are trying to get their business books in order to complete their tax returns. These are the weeks, almost as much as the first month of the year, is when we hear, “I’m not doing this again. Next year I’m going to …” as they fret over missing receipts, confusing records, and fear about the upcoming tax bill.


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Beyond Money: Rewards for Employees

When you think about rewarding employees, do you tend to consider only monetary rewards?  Do you imagine that your choices for incentives only include raises and bonuses?   Many small business owners tend to focus strictly on the monetary rewards, but actually there are other ways that you can give employees a lift.  (more…)

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Some States Try Auto-IRAs to Encourage Savings

Experts have been sounding alarm bells for years about the number of individuals who are not saving enough for retirement.  But many workers continue to put off preparing for the future.  Now some states are taking matters into their own hands.  Several states either have passed legislation or are considering legislation which would create a so-called “auto-IRA.”  States are hoping that these mandatory IRAs will spur savings among employees. (more…)

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New Healthcare-Related Legislation Can Affect Small Businesses

You’ve heard of the Affordable Care Act. But have you heard of the Small Business Health Care Relief Act of 2016? As with all legislation, both of these bills are having (in the case of the Affordable Care Act) or could have (in the case of the Small Business Health Care Relief Act of 2016) an effect on you as a small business owner. The purpose of this second law, if passed, is to enable business owners to continue to provide healthcare reimbursement which is currently blocked by the Affordable Care Act. (more…)

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Is Using Seasonal Workers to Address Business Demands Right for Your Small Business?

Every small business has its ups and downs.  However, some can be more pronounced than others.  Some businesses experience cyclical alterations in sales volume.  As a recent article notes, for some businesses in the New York City area, one answer that has provided some relief to this variability has been seasonal workers.  (more…)

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Local Taxes Make Payroll More Complicated

Every business, organization, and household needs a certain amount of money to keep things working. Small businesses sell their services and products for it. Charities fundraise for it. Individuals work for it. But what about governments? They can’t work, don’t have anything to sell, and have a hard time inspiring people to give to them. (more…)

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Legislation Can Change Everything … At Any Time

You never know when new legislation might be passed, turning your small business’s life upside down.  Just when you think you have things figured out and your business is on the right track, the government can decide that you need to change the way you operate.  Small business owners in New York are currently facing a scenario in which proposed legislation threatens to change the way they will be allowed to pay their employees. (more…)

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Have you Heard About the New Overtime Rule?

President Obama recently made news in the business world by announcing an executive change to the rules governing overtime pay.  This change will result in a greater number of workers who will be eligible for overtime pay.  Because this change has the potential to affect the size of workers’ paychecks, it is sure to capture the attention of employees and employers alike.  (more…)

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What’s the Value of an Employee to You?

Every small business owner understands the value of employees on some level. Day-to-day operations would fail without employees. As a small business grows, more employees are necessary to keep the doors open. And it does not take long for a business owner to recognize the boost that a good employee can provide to the bottom line. But does this understanding make a difference in how employees are treated? As this article explains, some companies have chosen to demonstrate just how much they value their employees by implementing specific policies. Can you learn anything from their example? Read on to find out. (more…)

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Things to Know About Withholding County Taxes

A tax is a tax is a tax, right? Well, as anyone who has ever read a single paragraph of the state or federal tax code knows, there is rarely a simple answer to any tax-related question. If you’re a small business owner, you probably understand a little bit about the complexity of payroll taxes. Besides the responsibility of withholding federal taxes, small businesses must also withhold state and local taxes. As you will see, the rules governing county taxes alone can make you feel a little dizzy. (more…)

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