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Could You Handle Different State’s Payroll Taxes and Regulations?

I was really excited for a colleague who got a big contract that was going to expand his company this year. He was excited because his small business would no longer be just a local business, but would now be a business that worked nation-wide. We celebrated with a congratulatory lunch. It wasn’t but a couple of weeks later that he called and was obviously down. I was afraid he’d lost the deal. But no, he said it was worse – it was about payroll taxes. (more…)

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Local Taxes Make Payroll More Complicated

Every business, organization, and household needs a certain amount of money to keep things working. Small businesses sell their services and products for it. Charities fundraise for it. Individuals work for it. But what about governments? They can’t work, don’t have anything to sell, and have a hard time inspiring people to give to them. (more…)

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Things to Know About Withholding County Taxes

A tax is a tax is a tax, right? Well, as anyone who has ever read a single paragraph of the state or federal tax code knows, there is rarely a simple answer to any tax-related question. If you’re a small business owner, you probably understand a little bit about the complexity of payroll taxes. Besides the responsibility of withholding federal taxes, small businesses must also withhold state and local taxes. As you will see, the rules governing county taxes alone can make you feel a little dizzy. (more…)

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