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What Can You Do for Employees and Their Retirement Dreams?


Some people dream of their retirement days – what they are going to do, where they want to be, all sorts of ideas above and beyond resting are included in those plans. Other people feel they are never going to be able to afford to retire and don’t see any of those golden dreams when they shut their eyes at the end of a long work day. A lot of their beliefs can be shaped by retirement savings.

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Some States Try Auto-IRAs to Encourage Savings

Experts have been sounding alarm bells for years about the number of individuals who are not saving enough for retirement.  But many workers continue to put off preparing for the future.  Now some states are taking matters into their own hands.  Several states either have passed legislation or are considering legislation which would create a so-called “auto-IRA.”  States are hoping that these mandatory IRAs will spur savings among employees. (more…)

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The Payroll Department Opens a New Office in Zionsville

It’s happening!

I am opening a new sales location for The Payroll Department in Zionsville!

As all of my clients already know, The Payroll Department recently completed a complete conversion to a new software that allows us to better serve them. It was a huge process and one that offers complete transparency and accessibility to our client employers and their employees.

While it has been a challenge to get every little detail in place, it was well worth every hour and every bit of effort. We now have more capabilities and options than ever before. (more…)

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Child Support Payroll Deductions Reaching Global Proportions

Just last month the Office of Child Support Enforcement issued a memorandum regarding the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) (2008) and Hague Treaty Provisions. State agencies who administer the Child Support Enforcement Plan are aware that each state must enact amendments to UIFSA to integrate the provisions of the Hague Treaty. (more…)

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Payroll Service is Ready for the Tax Season! Are You?

Generally, people don’t think about filing tax returns until April starts pressing closer. But if you are a small business owner, you know that feeling starts to weigh heavy on your shoulders right around January 1 and it doesn’t let up, really, until you get your personal taxes done in April. (more…)

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OASDI Annual Payroll Limitation Increased for 2014

Do you know what has risen every year except three since 1971? The Social Security’s Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program contribution and benefit base. In every day terms, it’s the amount of an individual’s income that is taxable for Social Security. For 2014, that limit is now $117,000. (more…)

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Small Business Giving Back to the Community

As a business owner myself, I think it’s important that entrepreneurs and small business owners not only work, live and play in their communities, but they also give back to their communities, too. Besides showing that your business is operated in a socially responsible manner, giving back can help you distinguish your company from your competitors. (more…)

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Are Payroll Deductions Legal or Not?

As an employer, you can withhold the standard deductions permitted by federal, state and local law from your employees’ paychecks, such as federal, state and local income tax, Social Security and Medicare. But what about other deductions? Can you legally deduct them or not? (more…)

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