Why Choose Us?

At The Payroll Department, we look to take all of the headache out of payroll for our clients. By only focusing on payroll services, we pay attention to the details, monitor every change in the laws and how it affects our clients, and offer only what our clients really need. Here are just a few of the benefits at The Payroll Department that separates us from the national companies.

We guarantee your satisfaction

If you choose to work with us we are confident we will exceed your expectations. So much so that if after three months you are not completely satisfied with your decision to use The Payroll Department for your payroll services, we will pay your setup fees elsewhere to switch you back.

We offer one point of contact

Try to resolve an issue with a national payroll processing company and you likely talk to numerous people until the issue is resolved. Each time you call them, you get a different associate, building no rapport with the business overall. At The Payroll Department, we assign you to a single account manager. They will be your point of contact for every interaction you may have with us. You will know them on a first name business and they will know you the same way.

Make adjustments as frequently as you need.

Hey, it’s your money. Why shouldn’t you be able to make the changes you need, when you need to make them. We build flexibility into our model to support what you need when you need it. Each client is different, and each business is unique. Therefore, we look to embrace that about every one of our clients.

No setup fees and no length of service contracts.

Our philosophy: if you do what you say you will and do it well, you shouldn’t need a length of serivce contract. Our track record shows this to be true time and time again. That’s how sure we are that you will stay with us once you give us a try. And if we are wrong, after three months we will pay to switch you back.

We let others check our work.

We have nothing to hide – why wouldn’t we? Four times each year we hire a third party accountant to audit your account and report to you that we are living up to our end of the bargain. We do this at our cost to make sure you see we are taking care of you.

We are less expensive than the national payroll companies

Lower overhead means less cost for you. The costs we charge do not go toward offsetting the cost for services you don’t need. And that saves money for all of us.