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Employers Need to Be Aware of Differences in Federal and State Labor Laws

Employers cannot rely solely on the guidelines in the Fair Labor Standards Act. So, if you think you know that Act inside and out and you are safe … think again. Why? Because each state also has its own set of rules, regulations and laws by which you must abide if you are a resident of their state. And that can get you into trouble. (more…)

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Words Small Business Owners Don’t Want to Hear: Pay Back Wages

One thing a small business owner never wants to hear in connection with his payroll is BACK PAY. Don’t be confused, Back Pay is not when you give an employee a raise and make the start date in the past and allow for retroactive pay. No, Back Pay is a remedy for wage violations. It’s an order that the employer make up the difference between what the employee was paid and what the employee should have been paid. It’s a serious situation. (more…)

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The Payroll Department Opens a New Office in Zionsville

It’s happening!

I am opening a new sales location for The Payroll Department in Zionsville!

As all of my clients already know, The Payroll Department recently completed a complete conversion to a new software that allows us to better serve them. It was a huge process and one that offers complete transparency and accessibility to our client employers and their employees.

While it has been a challenge to get every little detail in place, it was well worth every hour and every bit of effort. We now have more capabilities and options than ever before. (more…)

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Botched Payroll Makes For a Bad Day!

You know you’re having a bad day when a mistake you made gets covered by the local newspaper. Not exactly the kind of publicity you want! As this article reports, the town of Windham, Connecticut, recently found themselves in the middle of a payroll mess that resulted from problems with a new accounting system. (more…)

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Outsourcing Payroll is like Having a Life Vest

Outsourcing Payroll is like Having a Life Vest

As we all know, changes in the world of small business are not only inevitable, they are also constant. More than likely, if you are an entrepreneur, you already have your hands full, just trying to get through your daily responsibilities. That’s one reason why The Payroll Department stays up with the trends. We want to always provide small business owners with the education and information you need. (more…)

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Veterans Make Successful Small Business Owners

After serving their country, veterans often apply the leadership skills they have learned in the military in running small businesses. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, veterans own about 2.4 million U.S. businesses – that’s about 9% of all American companies. Additionally, veterans employ nearly 5.8 million people and manage $210 billion in payroll – a sizeable chuck of change!

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Be Confident in Your Smile When You Give Employees Pay Raises

Pay raises make employees happy, don’t they? Not only do raises make employees happy, most small business owners are very proud of their ability to not only provide employment, but also to increase wages. (more…)

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A Knee Jerk Reaction Could Ruin Your Business

Understandably, many small business owners tighten their belts every chance they get. So in the discussion of whether or not to outsource payroll, some entrepreneurs have a knee jerk reaction and immediately say no. Is that really the wisest choice?

  • They often say no before they have even checked into a service like The Payroll Department.
  • They say no before they realize the payroll fees are very reasonable compared to the time it will take away from working to help their business grow and succeed.

In a recent taxation survey of 1500 small business owners, the National Small Business Association learned that 60% of small business owners handled payroll in-house while the other 40% chose to outsource. Those who choose to keep up with these responsibilities in-house don’t often understand the laborious efforts required of them. As a small business owner, you can expect to spend a minimum of six hours each and EVERY month on this task.

Outsourcing payroll could eliminate the stress of keeping up with the IRS and tax law changes.That six hours each month is required only for the paperwork. Constantly researching whether tax regulations have changed since your last payroll are not included in that six hours. When you really look at how much time you are devoting to payroll, you will discover that the amount of time adds up to nearly two weeks of time each year.

But as we are all aware, figuring hours and writing payroll checks are not the only tasks in the payroll chore. The Payroll Department reminds you of these additional responsibilities included in this very important part of small business success:

  • Keep up with all garnishments and employee
  • Withhold federal income taxes as well as other federal, state and local taxes for all
  • Keep up with each employee’s vacation hours, both earned and used.
  • File the IRS Form 941 four times throughout the year.
  • For the end-of-year preparation of paperwork, you are also required to file W-2s and 1099s.
  • Stay in the know about the ever-changing taxes with new laws and regulations.

If all you had to do was write a check, it would be easy. But payroll is more – much more – and if you make a mistake it is a costly mistake. Errors could actually jeopardize the viability of your small business.

So the next time you are thinking about outsourcing payroll to a payroll provider like The Payroll Department, don’t forget all these points. Contact Teresa Ray at The Payroll Department to find out how a payroll provider can actually help you move your business forward.

-Sherri of The Payroll Department Blog Team

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Prepare by Asking Difficult Questions BEFORE Starting a Small Business

Far too often, The Payroll Department is reminded of the incredible risk taken by entrepreneurs with a strong spirit. We drive down a street and notice some type of new small business. A few months or maybe a year later, we drive again down the same street but notice that the small business has vanished. That’s when many of us scratch our heads, wondering what the story might be regarding the “Now you see it, now you don’t” demise of small business ownership. (more…)

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9 Valid Reasons for Small Business Owners to Outsource Payroll

Some small business owners make decisions that end up costing them more in the long run. If they keep late hours and miss weekend fun with friends and family, it takes a toll. They are also in grave danger of costing themselves more money than what they are trying to save, by doing their own payroll. The staff at The Payroll Department provides you with 9 valid reasons why you should call on us.

  1. Cost: Huge companies can maintain a payroll But if your business employs fewer than 20 jobs for workers, you can save money by contacting The Payroll Department. Figure out how many hours you or an employee spends each month on payroll. Add the time spent researching ever-changing tax laws and money spent on paper and ink, printing and distributing paychecks and creating payroll tax documents.
  2. Without the worry of tax compliance, small business owners have greater peace of mind!Accuracy: Payroll mistakes make employees angry and suspicious of you. Those mistakes can also alert the government, which might later result in an audit.
  3. Reliability: If you or an employee does payroll each pay period, reliability is based solely on not making a single error. The Payroll Department can do a better job of staying current with employees’ vacation hours, overtime pay, garnishments, etc. Why? Because, unlike you, that’s the only job we are doing for your small business.
  4. Speed: The Payroll Department staff are specialists. We have the technological resources to handle any temporary changes in your payroll, such as seasonal workers, contract workers, etc.
  5. Insight: The Payroll Department knows the ins and outs of payroll tax laws as well as federal, state and local regulations. Do you have the time to stay current with this information?
  6. Accountability: When your small business is in our very capable hands, we understand and respect our accountability to you, by law. It is part of our promise to you that we have a third-party bookkeeping service audit every client account one per quarter.
  7. Flexibility: Most entrepreneurs quickly get tired of wrestling with payroll. When we take this burden off your shoulders, you have time to do what you’re best at doing and growing your business.
  8. Security: When we are in charge of providing payroll services for your business, you don’t have to worry that employees handling the payroll might be embezzling from your business instead of simply doing the payroll.
  9. Worry: We guarantee you’ll sleep better at night. And you’ll spend your work days doing what comes most naturally to you, running a profitable small business.

Neither payroll nor taxes are business tasks any small business owner can afford to miss or handle inaccurately. Give yourself a break! Call on The Payroll Department. We’re on your team!

-Sherri of The Payroll Department Blog Team

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