Are You a Small Business Owner That Can Celebrate Holidays?

Employees look forward to holidays – so do employers, kind of. For employers, especially small business owners; holidays can create little glitches in their normal operations. While it is nice to have a day off, just like getting ready to go on vacation, the week before and the week after can create so many headaches that entrepreneurs sometimes would prefer to just skip the day. Isn’t that a sad statement? (more…)

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Business Growth Can Lead to Payroll Challenges

Good news! After the unusually cold and stormy winter we’ve had this year, the economy finally seems to be thawing with U.S. employment statistics trending upward. Increases were recorded in the number of employees and hours worked and in pay rates. For small business owners, especially those in industries with several hourly workers, job growth can signal new business demands as well as challenges in handling increased payroll responsibilities. (more…)

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Tips to Ponder BEFORE Starting a Small Business

Knowing that many small businesses fail, entrepreneurs must have their business model, and goals and objectives very carefully organized and decided before venturing into the world of small business.

No matter how passionate you might be, very often the cards can be stacked against you. That is why it is imperative to leave your ego at the door. Sit down with yourself or your business partners and very honestly discuss each others’ strengths and weaknesses. (more…)

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Rely on the Expertise and Leadership of Payroll Professionals to Prevent Costly Mistakes

When Grace and her brother John took over the family small business, John insisted that his expertise was in the office. He would be in charge of any human resources needs, all employee needs regarding benefits and health care, payroll, and anything they might decide to do later, as they considered a partnership with another company.

Grace initially agreed that John’s suggestion was workable. After all, her strength was in sales and marketing. John was the one who insisted that he knew about the core of keeping the business financially on track. It would be a challenge, Grace thought. (more…)

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Federal Overtime Changes Ahead for Small Businesses

If your small business currently employs workers who are exempt from overtime pay, the recent presidential memorandum signed by President Barack Obama requesting changes to overtime regulations could mean your company’s payroll amounts may increase by 2015 or 2016. (more…)

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Work to Your Strengths; Hire a Payroll Provider for Theirs

Small business owners often tease and say they wear every hat in the building. They are the marketing person, the human resources person, the customer service person, the janitor and everything in between. But sometimes that fact is not a laughing matter, especially if you, as the entrepreneur, step outside your comfort zone to take on tasks you know nothing about. In fact, in an effort to save yourself some money, you may actually be putting everything you’ve worked for at risk. (more…)

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With a Payroll Provider, Small Business Owners Don’t Fear Costly Payroll Mistakes

When Judy started her catering business, she was immediately busier than she ever anticipated. So she hired two employees. And then she bought a delivery van. Then it was time to rent a larger store front. And then Judy decided to add a bakery to her business. Before she knew it, this entrepreneur had blossomed into a busy, successful small business owner. But as small business owners discover, things do not always go smoothly. (more…)

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Payroll Services Give Entrepreneurs Confidence

Every Sunday afternoon, Rusty noticed that his stomach was upset. By Monday morning, a knot was in his throat. For two years, there were sporadic firings going on at the company where Rusty was employed. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for which employees were picked. The majority were given the “You’re now unemployed” news via email and handed the official pink slip on their way out the door.

When Rusty’s number was finally drawn, he read the “You’re now unemployed” email and felt an odd sense of relief. At least he didn’t have to worry and wait anymore for his turn to be on the chopping block. He was scared to death of being without a job but at least he finally knew his fate. (more…)

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Small Business and the Final Paycheck

Mike has been coming into work at your small business late every day for the past two weeks. Even though you’ve counseled him, his behavior hasn’t changed. You have no choice but to terminate his employment. However, when you notify Mike that he’s fired, he demands his final paycheck right then and there. Do you have to pay Mike immediately what he’s owed?

According to Indiana Department of Labor, when employers discharge or lay off employees, they are not obligated to pay the employee immediately. However, the employee’s final wages “must be paid on or before the next regularly scheduled payday,” which would have been when the employee would have normally been paid had he or she remained employed at your workplace.

Even when employees quit, you can pay his or her final wages by the next regularly scheduled payday.

If an employee voluntarily resigns and hasn’t provided a forwarding address, and you don’t know where the employee lives now, as an employer, you must pay the employee:

  • within 10 business days after he or she demands payment of their final wages; or
  • when you receive an address where the final paycheck should be mailed.

If you don’t pay an employee who has resigned or been terminated his or her final wages within the required time frame, your company may have to pay additional penalties, interest, and any attorney’s fees and legal costs the employee spends while trying to force your company to pay them.

By outsourcing your payroll to a payroll services provider, like The Payroll Department located in Brownsburg, IN, they can help you stay in compliance with any government requirements. Contact Teresa Ray, owner of The Payroll Department, at (317) 852-2568. She’ll be happy to talk to you about your company’s payroll needs and explain all of the benefits you’ll receive when you turn your company’s payroll services over to them.

-Ariane of The Payroll Department Blog Team

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