With a Payroll Provider, Small Business Owners Don’t Fear Costly Payroll Mistakes

When Judy started her catering business, she was immediately busier than she ever anticipated. So she hired two employees. And then she bought a delivery van. Then it was time to rent a larger store front. And then Judy decided to add a bakery to her business. Before she knew it, this entrepreneur had blossomed into a busy, successful small business owner. But as small business owners discover, things do not always go smoothly.

All along, Judy’s husband had made time on weekends, to help with the payroll for her employees. Even though he had no intentions of causing a problem for his wife, Judy’s husband failed to stay abreast of the changes in laws for payroll taxes. Though he certainly didn’t make the mistakes on purpose, the oversights led to heavy fines. And for a few months, Judy’s business was in financial jeopardy, to pay the fines, pay employees’ wages, but stay afloat, too.

She found The Payroll Department, Inc. just in time to save herself from more mistakes with small business taxes and payroll taxes.  The payroll provider knew what to do with all areas of payroll and kept up with changing tax laws.

Like many small business owners, Judy and her husband assumed that together, they could handle the payroll part of their workplace on their own. But through a very expensive lesson, they learned that was not true. The laws and regulations for small business taxes law is ever-changing and because Judy did not have the time to keep up with those changes and every other responsibility, too, she quickly turned to The Payroll Department.  Knowing that she no longer has to fear a big fine for a mistake she never intended to make helps Judy concentrate on her business, which is all about food and making people happy.

-Sherri of The Payroll Department Blog Team


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