Payroll Services Give Entrepreneurs Confidence

Every Sunday afternoon, Rusty noticed that his stomach was upset. By Monday morning, a knot was in his throat. For two years, there were sporadic firings going on at the company where Rusty was employed. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for which employees were picked. The majority were given the “You’re now unemployed” news via email and handed the official pink slip on their way out the door.

When Rusty’s number was finally drawn, he read the “You’re now unemployed” email and felt an odd sense of relief. At least he didn’t have to worry and wait anymore for his turn to be on the chopping block. He was scared to death of being without a job but at least he finally knew his fate.

Rusty's Iron Works can do business without worrying about payroll taxes!When Rusty got home, he talked with his wife, Jenny, about options. As a guy in his mid-50s, Rusty knew jobs would be difficult to find. He knew that he would probably never again see the salary he had finally earned after 27 years with his prior employers, either. But he was surprised when Jenny suggested that he develop skills as an entrepreneur. So Rusty turned his 35-year hobby of creating ornate gates and sculpture with wrought iron into a new small business. But being self-employed scared him.

There was a lot about business that Rusty did not know. He was worried about the ever-changing world of payroll taxes.  He knew nothing about income taxes or business property taxes. But he did know that he should play to his own strengths. So Rusty became a client of The Payroll Department, Inc. Because he no longer had to worry constantly about whether payroll taxes had changed, he could devote all of his workplace hours to sales and marketing. When Rusty’s business grew enough to hire additional employees, he confidently made those decisions because he could trust the payroll services at The Payroll Department, Inc. to take care of all payroll and payroll taxes for his employees. Most of all, Rusty doesn’t have to hold his breath anymore. He’s in charge, now.

-Sherri of The Payroll Department Blog Team

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