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How to Hire the Right Way for Your Business

Hiring for small business owners is a huge step. Adding one more expense, and one that is a high responsibility to another person or family, is a step that is not taken lightly by business owners. Often there are months of deliberation, thoughts, and prayers that go into the final decision to hire a new employee. With that high level of seriousness, what steps can a business owner take to ensure they place the best person in the role that best suits them and the company? Here are 3 Steps to making sure you on the right track in hiring your next new employee. (more…)

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Summer Isn’t Laid Back for Payroll Processors

We all look forward to summer, don’t we? Longer, warm days filled with sunshine and the prospect of fun draw us into a state of reverie with the prospect of letting things slip by. That doesn’t often fly with small business owners, and certainly not when it comes to payroll. In fact, summer is one of the most challenging seasons for payroll. Let me explain why. (more…)

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