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Proposed Payroll Tax Reporting Deadline Change Puts Pressure on Employers

Included in President Obama’s proposed 2015 fiscal year budget, there is a provision to accelerate the deadline for employers to deliver end-of-year W-2 tax forms to the federal government. The deadline for delivery of forms to employees is currently January 31st and then reported to the Social Security Administration (SSA) the last of February (March 31st for electronic filing) each year. What does it mean for employers if that reporting date is moved up to January 31 every year? (more…)

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Will Indiana Adopt a New Payroll Tax?

Have you experienced a confidential moment with an employee as he tearfully shares that his wife was recently diagnosed with cancer? And that he absolutely must take time off work to drive his wife to doctor appointments and chemotherapy treatments? That moment is terrible, isn’t it? (more…)

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Changes Made by the IRS May Affect 2014 Payroll

How well do you keep up on regulations that affect small businesses?  Are you aware of the changes that have been made regarding 2014 payroll taxes?  Maybe you enjoy reading tax regulations in your spare time.  Maybe you can’t wait to see the latest income tax withholding tables.  Or maybe not. (more…)

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