Just Like Your Own In-House Payroll Department

When a client calls or stops by The Payroll Department with “a quick question,” it always makes me smile. Because that was the idea behind our business – to feel like we are just another department or part of the team at every small business we service. And with that being one of our greatest successes, it’s one of the greatest helps for entrepreneurs in Brownsburg and surrounding communities!

Outsourcing your payroll means you have expertise without the overhead.Small business owners know they don’t need a full-time employee dedicated to payroll and human resources. We don’t take the place of a human resources department and a general rule of thumb is that you might need someone in an HR department once you reach the point of having 50 or more employees. At that point, the government looks at your business differently and you may have to comply with additional rules and regulations. And there are more HR issues with employees simply because there are more employees – and those issues are not always centered on payroll. Human resources doesn’t always include payroll services, which is why we provide payroll services for organizations with more than 50 employees who have HR departments, even with the increased compliance requirements.

In fact, one of the key indicators to selecting a payroll provider is that the payroll service provides scalable services. The payroll company must be able to handle small business workplaces with just a few employees as well as companies with 50 or 100 employees.

Generally speaking, whenever the number of employees exceeds 150 – 200, most companies hire someone as an employee to handle the payroll in-house. We love that businesses grow, but we miss them when they leave us.

Until you and your small business grow to the point of needing a full-time payroll processor in house, The Payroll Department will step in and act like someone down the hall, helping you with payroll, payroll taxes and small business taxes. We are always available for “a quick question” or to help when you need us.

-Teresa Ray, Owner, The Payroll Department

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