If Outsourcing Your Payroll Processing Doesn’t Leave You Feeling Warm All Over …

There isn’t one small business owner who needs anything that adds frustrations to their day. Here at The Payroll Department we know that for a fact because we hear about it all the time – especially when we get a call from a business owner who wants to transfer their payroll processing from a national firm to The Payroll Department.

Is this how you feel when you try to work with your payroll service?The three top complaints we hear:

  1. Too many people have their hands in our payroll and no one wants to take responsibility for the mistakes that causes.
  2. I call and call and call … and get no one to call me back.
  3. There doesn’t seem to be anyone with the knowledge and experience that makes me feel confident in how the payroll and payroll taxes are being handled.

Those are three issues that our clients don’t have to ever worry about – and we expect that those are some of the reasons they make the decision to transfer their payroll processing to us.

The difference between the national payroll service firms and The Payroll Department

Big companies have large staffs and that doesn’t always make employers feel good. Unless the business is set up so one person is the point of contact for each customer, it can sometimes feel like you are always dealing with a stranger.

As a small company, The Payroll Department actually provides the best of both worlds regarding staff. Our staff is small, admittedly. We ARE a small business, just like many of our clients. However, our staff is cross-trained so our clients always deal with the same people and they can get the answers they need from any of the people on our end of the phone. This is simply part of our culture here. We want to know our customers and we want them to know us.

Voicemail and answering programs are NOT how the phones at The Payroll Department are answered. You will get a real, live person answering when you call our office. Yes, sometimes we will have to take a message and get someone back to you, but we WILL get back to you. Same goes for those who stop by to pick-up or drop-off something for your payroll. Even emails get responses. No matter how we process your payroll, from actual records or digitally, any time you communicate, we communicate back with you.

Turnover and new hires mean that the depth of knowledge may be shallow for many large firms. Teresa Ray and her key staff have been with The Payroll Department for years – and I don’t mean a few years, but for a decade or two. They have developed relationships with outside tax and legal advisors who perform audit and provide insights to payroll tax issues and labor law rules and regulations. After so many years of experience, answers to questions are within their knowledge base, or they know exactly where to turn.

As labor laws, payroll taxes, and small business tax laws change, we are advised and share that expertise with our clients. Teresa’s standard of operation requires that deadlines are met, new information is shared, and timely processing of payrolls and related reporting is a must. In dealing with local, state, and federal governments and their agencies, I’s must be dotted and t’s must be crossed. That’s just the way it is handled here.

Making employers happy and employees happier

Teresa has always believed that she could provide excellent outsourced payroll service to businesses with the goal of making them feel like they were dealing with the payroll department within their business and right down the hall. That comfort includes not just confidence in having someone close by to help, but also having an expert handling one of the most important aspects of the business – your payroll.

Your employees count on you to pay them accurately and on time each and every payday. The Payroll Department clients have the assurance of an accurate payroll and timely processing without question. They also have the peace of mind in knowing that payroll processing, including payroll tax reporting and tax deposits, are being made in compliance with labor and governmental rules and regulations.

That’s why many of our clients have happily had their payrolls processed by The Payroll Department for years upon years. We like it that way. If you have had a payroll services experience that doesn’t leave you feeling confident and comfortable, then give Teresa Ray call at 317-852-2568. You don’t have anything to lose, and lots to gain!

-Elaine of The Payroll Department Blog Team

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