Worried About Hiring Workers?

One of the most difficult decisions for a small business owner is hiring employees. It’s not just finding the right person for the position or wondering if the company is financially ready.

No, one of the biggest fears is the knowledge that the company has to follow federal, state and local labor laws; unemployment insurance (SUTA), social security and Medicare (FICA) and the income taxes and all the rules around that. It’s a scary proposition, that’s for sure.

But Teresa Ray of The Payroll Department, can help lessen the fear. We know that because of we hear it from our clients!

Here’s what Deb Mahler of Internet Tech Specialists had to say:

When I was about to hire our latest designer I contacted Teresa Ray at The Payroll Department to handle everything. She set me up with an insurance person to handle my workers comp insurance, and sent me all the paperwork I needed to get started.

A few days later, she called and we had a chat about some of the information I sent via email. Did I ever get an education!

It’s been over 20 years since I’ve had the responsibility of payroll as the CEO of a local non-profit. Times and laws have certainly changed. Teresa explained how I was misclassifying the new hire and explained the legal ramifications of doing so. In short, she saved my assets!

She walked me through an IRS questionnaire that determined whether a person was an employee or a contractor. Then she backed it up with sending me the document and other resources that I could use.

What company does that? What kind of company makes sure that the client is legally compliant even at the cost of losing their business?

Teresa Ray and The Payroll Department – that’s who does that!

I am still in awe of not only the knowledge Teresa has regarding payroll laws, but of the ethics!

I hesitate to think the IRS nightmare this would have caused had I classified the new hire in the wrong way.

When the time comes and Internet Tech Specialists does hire its first classifiable employee, you can better believe Teresa Ray at the Payroll Department will be the person I call. You can’t buy that kind of loyalty, you can only earn it – and Teresa Ray has done so.

If you need to hire someone to process your payroll, I highly recommend Teresa Ray of The Payroll Department. Their fees are reasonable considering you don’t have to take the time to get up to speed on the laws, learn how to deduct and then pay your payroll taxes, as well as deal with the legal issues of making a huge mistake. The cost of having the Payroll Department do it all for you, is a ‘no-brainer’ in my book!

Let the Payroll Department help you navigate the fear and concerns you may have about hiring workers. Call us!

-Elaine of The Payroll Department Blog Team

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