Small Business Benefits from Outsourcing Payroll to the Professionals

We have all heard that old saying about doing everything correctly most of the time. But the one time we make a mistake that certain slip-up seems to be what people remember much more frequently than all the other moments that were perfect. As business owners, most of us have learned the hard way that this old saying rings true.

No matter the size of your company, it’s very likely that you are juggling all kinds of responsibilities in an effort to be most cost effective. But outsourcing your payroll could make your small business stronger. The more responsibilities you try to handle, the more probable it will be for you to eventually make a mistake, no matter how hard you try not to. Since we are all human, being perfect 100% of the time is a lofty, unreachable goal.

Humans do occasionally error. Jim, owner of a plumbing company discovered how mistakes on payroll can cost your business. Employees trust that employers are well-versed in all the latest changes regarding FICA, tax law changes, etc. They trust their employer to understand wage and hour laws, leave benefit usage and how to tally hours worked on individual timesheets.

Don’t take this personally, but the majority of employees show up every day only because they are being compensated to do so. Jim was making mistakes on timesheets and his employees became irritated, distrustful and disloyal. Two quit which put his customer services in a bind. One mistake in payroll can usually be explained and eventually forgiven and forgotten. But Jim’s frequent mistakes on payroll resulted in a tarnished reputation as an employer. He had a hard time replacing the plumbers who left.

Don’t be like Jim. Before the mistakes pile up, call on The Payroll Department. While you juggle all those other responsibilities, our job is to focus solely on payroll for your employees. Allow us to expertly deal with individual needs of your employees, from a regular payroll process to such things as the staff member whose wages are being garnished for child support payments.

After more than 20 years experience processing payroll for a wide variety of clients, Teresa Ray and The Payroll Department know what needs to be done and stays on top of the labor and payroll tax laws and regulations.

When accuracy really matters – like in payroll and taxes – opt to let professionals help you take care of your small business. Do what you do best and let them do what they do best!

-Sherri of The Payroll Department Blog Team

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