Small Business Attracts Employees with Creative Benefits

Employment and the workplace have changed dramatically in the last several years. Work hour flexibility, virtual offices, benefits and health care have all evolved. Small business employers find that managing the human resources side of their business takes creativity and an open mind.

Do Unlimited Vacation Policies Work?

For instance, the idea of unlimited vacation time, although not new, has surfaced. Large organizations like HubSpot, Evernote and Netflix all have unlimited vacation policies. There is a great debate over whether or not Americans take enough vacation time; the last report I read was that only 77% of American workers take vacation and employees leave an average of nine days unused at the end of each year.

Leadership in many new small business operations are choosing to promote time off because “un-plugging” reportedly results in greater creativity and productivity of employees.

While some may think that an unlimited vacation policy would result in employees missing too much work, employers actually report that employees have a greater feeling of ownership and use their vacation time judiciously and responsibly. They consider what effect their absence will have at any given time and then plan accordingly – and in coordination with management so both parties get the best result.

Payroll Services Can Accommodate Employer Benefits

You might think payroll would be a problem, but it’s not. The arrangement regarding payroll and payroll taxes, deductions, etc. is set forth at the time of employment and payroll services just follow the rules they are provided.

Part of the services performed by a payroll provider may be reporting the amount of vacation time on a pre-determined schedule. The idea is that as long as the work required of employees is being completed on a timely basis, vacation days are unlimited. When performance is an issue, reports can identify if vacation time is a contributing factor. The problem is addressed between the employee, the business leadership and HR.

Outsourcing payroll services does not limit the creativity a small business owner can apply to the structure and operations of the company. In fact, outsourcing payroll gives leadership time to lead and removes the worries of compliance with labor laws and regulations and payroll taxes.

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-Elaine of The Payroll Department Blog Team

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