Scheduling Practices May Be Affected by Proposed Legislation

It’s no secret that small businesses and their daily practices can be quickly changed by changing laws. That is one reason that it is important for business owners to stay aware of changes and potential changes to relevant laws. Recently, legislation was proposed which would once again change the day-to-day operations of many businesses – this time in the area of employees’ schedules.

US capitol buildingIn July of this year, Senators Rosa DeLauro and Elizabeth Warren among others introduced the “Schedules that Work Act.” This piece of legislation would require businesses with 15 or more employees to provide more predictability to employee schedules. Businesses would be required to offer “reporting pay,” also known as “call-in pay,” which refers to pay given to employees who report to work and find that there is no need for them that day as well as “split-shift pay,” which refers to pay given to an employee who is scheduled for two distinct shifts in a day separated by more than 1 hour. The law would also make it mandatory that businesses give 14 days’ notice for any changes to an employee’s schedule.

This proposed law also seeks to make employers more responsive to employees’ needs and requests. Businesses would be expected to “consider and respond” to any employee schedule requests. Requests made for certain reasons, including those of health, dependent care, secondary employment, or ongoing education, would require that businesses honor such requests “unless a legitimate business reason precludes it.”

While this proposed legislation does not currently have the support needed to become law, it is wise for business owners to be informed of what the future may hold. For more detailed information about the legislation (HR 3071), see this article.

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-Jessica of The Payroll Department Blog Team

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