Time-and-Attendance Software Makes Time Recording Easier

If you’re a small business owner with employees, you know how important it is to keep meticulous time-and-attendance records – especially if you want payroll to go smoothly. And even if you have a professional payroll services provider, like The Payroll Department, helping you manage your company’s payroll, employers still need to furnish complete and accurate time-and-attendance information each pay period. So, as a small business owner, do you have a system in place that makes time-and-attendance data collection easy?Time-and-attendance software can make payroll easier.

Nowadays many businesses are using time-and-attendance software systems in place of old-fashioned, manual paper time-card systems. These software systems are a more efficient way of keeping track of employees’ work hours, vacation days, sick time, overtime and more. Some benefits of time-and-attendance software systems include:

  • More accurate employee time reporting
  • Improved employee scheduling management
  • Better enforcement of company attendance policies
  • Decreased overtime costs
  • Reduced administrative management hours and costs
  • Better time-and-attendance records for use as permanent audit trails

Plus, many time-and-attendance software systems integrate with HR recordkeeping, payroll and scheduling systems.

While there are a variety of time-and-attendance software systems on the market, we’ve provided information on a few of the top-rated systems:

  • TimeForce II for Small Business – As a cloud-based time-and-attendance system, employers can access the system at any time – and it doesn’t require any IT maintenance. Employees can clock in and out via Web browsers and mobile devices; and your business can also use time clocks, badge and card terminals, and biometric time clocks. The system also offers features such as time-off request notifications, time-off denial notes and time-card error notifications.
  • TSheets – A cloud-based system, employees can clock in and out via Web browsers, mobile phones, text messages or telephones. However, this system doesn’t work with traditional time clocks, biometric clocks or badge terminals. It also has a GPS location tracking, so you know where your employees are working at any time of day. Other features include overtime alerts, timesheet approvals and real-time reporting.
  • Kronos Workforce Ready – Employees can clock in and out on computers, mobile phones and time clocks with this cloud-based solution. This system can manage hourly and salaried employees as well as contract workers. With the GPS feature, you’ll have a record of where employees are clocking in and out from. Other features include the ability to block days during which employees may not take time off and an option to set up different accrual rules for vacation and sick days.

Regardless of what time-and-attendance software system you choose for your small business’s time-and-attendance recording needs, The Payroll Department can help you get your company’s payroll processing done faster, easier and more accurately. To learn more about The Payroll Department’s payroll service solutions, talk to Teresa Ray at 317-852-2568 today.

– Ariane of The Payroll Department Blog Team


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