Smart Entrepreneurs Find Ways to Eliminate Paperwork and Headaches

Since she could remember, Julia was happiest when she could steal some hours from her demanding schedule to do what she loved. That meant that, even in the wee hours of the weekend, friends and family could find her happily working away in her sewing room.

When Julia was unexpectedly downsized from her office management position in a struggling factory, she decided to finally go for her dream. She found a perfect place to open her own small business as a seamstress. Though she was thrilled that her talent was an immediate hit, Julia was also overwhelmed. Suddenly, her life was littered by stacks of fabric swatches, work orders, walk-in customers and a constantly ringing telephone.

Outsourcing payroll makes running a business easier.Julia hired one employee to help cut patterns. The new employee also was talented with a needle. So, if the need arose, Julia felt confident that her new employee could take on some jobs to hem slacks and jacket sleeves. When a loyal client requested that Julia create a one-of-a-kind wedding gown, Julia again felt the crunch of time management. She hired a second person to take on the laborious task of adding hundreds of tiny beads to the bride’s lovely satin show piece. Because she wasn’t sure how many requests she would have in the future, to design and create gowns, Julia hired the second worker as a contract employee.

Like other entrepreneurs, to keep up with demand, Julia found herself allowing some of her other small business responsibilities to slide, especially bookkeeping. Not one of her favorite pastimes anyway, she told herself that very soon, she would dedicate an entire evening only to the paperwork associated with payroll. Like many creative types, Julia didn’t consider paperwork, or payroll, to be one of her strongest skills. She continued to ignore the growing mountain of problems on her messy desk.

But Julia was a smart woman. She knew hiring a payroll service like The Payroll Department would not only eliminate her payroll bookkeeping problems, but could save her when it came to payroll taxes. She did that just in the nick of time, too. Julia avoided possible troubles with the IRS because as a payroll provider, the staff at The Payroll Department knows how to differentiate between an employee and an independent contractor. The Payroll Department staff also stay in the know about frequently changing tax laws.

As the business grows and she offers new opportunity for employment in her workplace, Julia can have the time to do what she does best by allowing The Payroll Department to provide for her what she needs most, peace of mind about payroll as she builds her future.

-Sherri of The Payroll Department Blog Team

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