Benefits of Working with a Smaller Payroll Company

Perception can be everything, but it’s not always true. This week, I heard for the first time that a sizeable company had wanted to do business with me in the past. But, the manager thought since I’m not as big as ADP, Paychex, or some of the other larger payroll companies, I might not know what I’m doing since my business is smaller. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try and sell her one more time. And this time, I took more time explaining why a smaller payroll provider can be so much better than working with a bigger company.

When you’re doing business with any professional company, you should always interview them first. You should find out the following information:

  • How long they’ve been in business.
  • What their processes are for doing business.
  • If they’re willing to provide references from their current clients.

During the interview process, you need to get a “gut feeling” about them. You should determine if you think you can work with this professional and if they can work with you.

In my case, this potential client wanted to know how she could be assured that I had the “processes” in place to ensure all tax payments would be paid to the appropriate government agencies. Therefore, I thoroughly explained my processes to her.

She also wanted to know how many clients we service. Great question!

A small payroll service provider may be just the right fit for your organization.MANY times a smaller company can and does offer more personalized service than the bigger companies. They provide this service not only since they’re able to, but also because they care about their customers. I think that mindset is instilled in the employees of a smaller company, so their customers feel more at home and at ease.  However, repeatedly, the employees in bigger companies just sit in their cubicles doing their jobs and providing nothing more.

Frequently at The Payroll Department, Inc., we’ll ask prospective customers what else we can help them with. We’ve discussed the need for payroll services, but what else does this person need in order to make their business run more smoothly and efficiently. While we only process payroll, we can certainly provide them with fantastic resources to other professionals who can help them with their business.

We’re here to help you whether we have your business or not. Unfortunately, that’s just not true with the bigger payroll companies.

Teresa Ray, owner, The Payroll Department

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