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Processing direct deposit, paper checks
or PayCard for all employees included on the payroll order

Payroll taxes submitted to all

government entities

Annual workman’s compensation
audit report

Payroll specialist prepared to answer
questions immediately

Preparing and filing all payroll tax returns (monthly, quarterly, annually) with the various state and local government entities  including: Form 941, Form 943, Form 940, WH-1, UC-1, UC-5, WH-3, W-3

Preparing and filing W-2’s at year end

Responding to notices received by
government agencies regarding payroll

Customize payroll setup by department
(if necessary)

Customized payroll report


$24/payroll run

PLUS $4 per employee

(compare with other Payroll companies)

$45 per form

$25 per W-2

$125 per hr.


$52/payroll run

PLUS $3 per employee

(Exclusive to Payroll Department)