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Employee Awards and Gifts: What is Taxable vs. Non-taxable?

Small business owners are a hard-working lot and when there are employees who are working hard alongside them, they recognize that and want to reward those efforts. Special cash and gift bonuses and awards come to mind, but that opens up a whole slew of questions because there are rules as to what is and is not taxable as income. It’s complicated for a business owner, but don’t let that keep you from rewarding valuable employees. Here’s some information that will help you make good decisions about employee perks. (more…)

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Employee Bonuses, Awards and Fringe Benefits: What Employers Need to Know

Many small business owners (SBOs) think they don’t need to have a human resources or payroll department. They think they can handle all of the HR and payroll paperwork themselves. The problem is, not having a payroll department means these employers are taking on a considerable financial risk. (more…)

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