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What is the Risk for Employee Information in Your Business?

If you have been a business owner for even a day or two you know how complicated all the rules and regulations can be about almost every aspect of business. There are laws and forms and records and it seems there is no consistency between any of it – right? Well, let’s not get too far down the rabbit hole and try to solve every issue here. But let’s take a moment and look at payroll and employee information and records. (more…)

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Have You Ever Heard of the Economic Realities Test?

Most small business owners are at least aware that there is a difference between an employee and an independent contractor. Some don’t realize how very important it is that employers be crystal clear about the difference and how they employ people in their business. Here at The Payroll Department, we believe that it is such a critical decision when talking about payroll that employers need to know, and understand the terms used by the government – like the Economic Realities Test.


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Choosing the Correct Worker Classification is not a Choice

America is the land of choice – but not when it comes to whether or not a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. As the workplace environment changes, employers are looking at how worker classification impacts their finances.


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