How to Make Payroll Processing Simple and Easy

Small business owners would probably say that there is nothing simple or easy for them when they are the entire human resources department of their business.

But then along comes The Payroll Department and things do get simpler and easier. That’s because I have been in their shoes and I know entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t need more to complicate their already overflowing basket of tasks to do.

Check off 5 easy and simple steps to payroll freedom! The Payroll Department makes transitioning your payroll to a payroll provider simple with a checklist of 5 easy steps.

  1. Client Information Package. This includes in one, easy to complete package 5 standard forms that concisely gathers all the information The Payroll Department needs about the client company.
  2. Employee Information Package. Again, one easy form for each employee that puts all the information needed to process the payroll for all your current employees in one place.
  3. Copies of current year payroll tax returns. (Forms 941, UC-1, UC-5 and WH-1 (Indiana) or forms associated with other states if not an Indiana payroll location.)
  4. Payroll Tax Payment Amounts made for the current year.
  5. Payroll History for the current year. We make it easy. You can supply the history how you have it, by pay period, monthly or quarterly.

Since The Payroll Department will issue the final tax reporting forms (W-2s, 1099s) at the end of the year and because the Internal Revenue Service will only accept one set of W-2s per Employer Identification Number (EIN), we have to include all the employees’ payment history from the beginning of the year.

We enter in all the information bit by bit and sort out any loose ends or questions. We get it straight and keep it straight going forward. Employers have time to dedicate to new projects and developments in their business and employees’ payroll is processed accurately and timely. We take care of the details so you don’t have to.

Just think what these 5 easy steps can mean for you and your business. You really can make the payroll portion of your HR responsibilities simple and easy! Call The Payroll Department!

-Teresa Ray, Owner of The Payroll Department

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