Discover How to Help Your Small Town Business Thrive

Running a business in small town can be very different than owning a business in a big city. You may have less competition in your market, but if your competitors have been around longer, they likely already have long-standing customer relationships. However, there are advantages to having a small town business, such as the ability to experiment more with your products and services, and the capacity to stand out, so you can make a bigger impact. (more…)

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Advance and Arrears: Understanding the Differences Means Good Business Decisions

Something that comes along with all the conversation about the gig economy trend is the issue of billing and payment. There are basically two ways to get paid – in advance or in arrears. While just about everyone understands the idea of getting paid “in advance,” not everyone understands what “arrears” is and how billing in arrears works. There is the stigma that arrears is bad. There is a reason for that. But understanding the differences is important for the financial success of small businesses. (more…)

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Payroll: What’s the Difference Between Contractors and Subcontractors?

Have you thought about hiring someone to do the marketing, human resources, or payroll for your small business? Are you confused about how the relationship works between contractors and subcontractors and your business? Do you wonder how these arrangements may affect your payroll? Many times the terms – contractor and subcontractor – are used interchangeably; however, key differences do exist between the two roles. Therefore, The Payroll Department would like to clarify these terms and explain how they relate to your business’s payroll. (more…)

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Is PTO Right for Your Company?

Managing the day-to-day operations of your business can keep any owner busy. Top it off with the holiday seasons’ flurry of vacation time and sick days, and you’ve got an even bigger challenge. Payroll and paid time off for employees can get complicated. But The Payroll Department is always ready to help you simplify and make payroll details manageable.


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Bookkeeping: Difference Between Bids, Estimates, Proposals and Quotes

Small business owners often need to acquire the services of other businesses. When inquiring about the services a company provides, you may be presented with a bid, quote, proposal, or estimate. Many companies often use these terms interchangeably. However, the definition of these terms can mean different things to different people and in different industries. (more…)

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Bookkeeping is Customer Service at The Payroll Department

We’ve had a big change at The Payroll Department this past year and people are still a little surprised by it. To us, it just makes sense. Customer service becomes a new customer service at The Payroll Department. We see the addition of bookkeeping services as a truly natural extension of the services we offer, for a couple of reasons. (more…)

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3 New Payroll Regulation Changes You Need to Know

Payroll regulation changes are happening all the time. As a small business owner, you must stay up-to-date with these changes, so you can remain legally compliant. Otherwise, you could face hefty fines and other penalties. (more…)

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Would You Give an Employee a Payroll Advance?

One of the beautiful things about small businesses is that everyone in the organization becomes like family. There is a closeness that develops that is both comforting – and maybe distressing, too. When one member of your team is experiencing hard times, it can be difficult to maintain a professional distance. For instance, what would you do as a small business owner if one of your employees came to you asking for a payroll advance? (more…)

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